Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Landsharks Running Club

Kyle is doing Landsharks Running Club through school.  Monday was his first meet.  It was the middle distance meet and all the kindergarteners ran a 400m race.

 Here is Kyle getting ready to start. 

Here is Kyle at the homestretch.  His coach is cheering him on.

 Afterward, Kyle wanted Steak n' Shake for dinner.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something New

Notice anything different about Kyle?

He got glasses!  We got a notice from the school that the testing they did indicated he needed to visit an eye doctor.  We took him to pediatric eye doctor and they told us that he has 20/20 vision in his right eye and 20/70 in his left eye.  His left eye has the potential to be 20/20 but it is not working and his right eye is compensating for it.  If left unchecked it turns into lazy eye, yikes!  But we caught is early enough that the doctor is confident we can correct it.  He has to wear the glasses all the time and we have a follow up appointment in June.  Hopefully there will be improvement, if not he will probably have to wear a patch.  Not what a mom wants to hear!

Henry is out of town for a trade show in High Point, North Carolina.  Kyle had his second game of the season on Saturday.  And as luck would have it it was against his friend from school's team, the Mud Hens (Kyle's team is the Storm).  Kyle got to play catcher for 1 inning.  He even caught a couple of the balls.  Kyle's team won the game and are now 2-0.  GO STORM!!!!

This is a picture of Levi, Kyle, and Chase.  They are in the same class at school.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Play Ball!

Kyle is 3rd child past Dinger

Kyle's first baseball game was on Saturday. He is playing his first year of coach pitch baseball. He really likes it and has an awesome coach! No it's not Henry. His team is the Storm.

There were opening ceremonies at Clement Park. Dinger, the rockies mascot, was there and Jake Schroeder, lead singer for Opie Gone Bad, sang the national anthem.

For Kyle's first game he batted twice but got out on 1st base.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We had fun decorating eggs yesterday. Kyle picked out some camo eggs. You dye the eggs then put camo stickers on the eggs.

Then today Kyle woke up and came down to see what the Easter Bunny left for him. He got a basket with candy, of course. He also got a monster mutt monster truck (a big one), A bat filled with gum, a mini pillow pet (Fiery Dragon), and a kite. Kyle likes looking for eggs too. He was not real excited that we had to hurry and get ready for 9am church instead of playing with his new toys. Heres a picture of Kyle in his Easter outfit.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break in Arizona

We went down to Arizona for spring break this year. It was Henry's 20 year high school reunion and they decided to do it over Founders Day weekend in Joseph City. As as luck would have it, Bevan and Faye had some baby goats for Kyle to play with. He spent hours in the goat pen! He would hold the baby goats, give them kisses and boss them around. He would have to take a shower each night because he smelled so bad, he smelled like the goat pen. He also loved to collect the eggs each day from the chickens.

It was Founder's Day while were there. Henry has always wanted to go back for it. There was a tractor show with rides for the kids (Kyle was in heaven), there was a craft boutique, a BBQ put on by the fire department as a fund raiser, and a town dance. We did not go to the dance though. Joseph City was the first Mormon settlement in AZ. It is also Arizona's 100th year as a state so there was a big trail ride from Page, AZ to Winslow, AZ along the Mormon trail and the riders came into Winslow on that Saturday. So there was a lot going on. Kyle wants to go back, and if it falls on Spring Break again, I think we will.

One activity we always do is go out to the badlands and shoot. Kyle brought his .22 and we brought the pellet gun. Kyle of course runs up and down the hills and explores. He did get to shoot a bit. He is always excited when he hits his target.

One of our favorite places to go while in Joseph City is the Rock Art Ranch. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting (advanced reservations are required). It is owned by a guy Henry knows, it is a working ranch and has been in the family for generations. There is a lot of history on the ranch and the guy who does the tours, Brantly Baird, is a real character! This was the first year we did the tour. He has pottery that has been found on the ranch, there are original out buildings, indian dwellings and a ton of petroglyphs on a canyon called the steps. They even have archeologists come out for 5 weeks at a time to study the buildings and petroglyphs, They have radio dated the petroglyphs and found them to be 6000 - 7500 BC. The BBC even did a story on the ranch. It is on the historical registar so they are protected now. We learned a lot on the tour.

Kyle with some of the pottery from Rock Art Ranch.

It was a lot of fun and nice to get away for week. Now to unpack and clean up!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Kyle had Friday off of school for teacher in-service, and we had been wanting to go to this really cool tubing place. So we decided to go (we figure it would be less crowded on a weekday when others were in school). And we were right, there was hardly anyone there.

We went to Frisco Adventure Park. It is an hour and a half from Denver up in the mountains, just before Breckenridge. Its a place that you pay to use for an hour. They have tubes for you to use, they have a magic carpet (you stand on it and it pulls you up to the top of the hill), and there are 5 or 6 groomed runs. By the end of the hour, were were tired and ready to head home. Kyle had a blast and laughed the whole way down!

Monster Jam

On Feb 11th we went to Monster Jam. Kyle looks forward to this day 364 days out of the year. It was Grave Diggers 30th anniversary so they they had a special paint job and made a big deal of it. The trucks that were at our Monster Jam were super heros: Batman, Iron Man and Spider Man, they also had Monster Mutt (one of Kyle's favorite's), Monster Energy, and of course Grave Digger. Kyle said it was one of the best nights ever!